How does this order system work?

When you place an order on this site, how do we receive it? How will you know it has been received? How do you know when it has been filled?

These are great questions, here’s how this system works. When you place an order you will immediately receive an order confirmation and order summary which looks like this:

When you place an order you can add notes to the order. This is a perfect opportunity to ask for something you don’t see on the site. For example, if you need a computer network cable and were unable to find it, you could add a note to your order like this, pictured in the lower left hand corner of this screenshot:

The order system immediately generates an email to Sylvia and Perla that a new order has been made. In other words, we know right away that you have placed an order. Here’s an example of what the email looks like:

On the back end we have access to a dashboard of all orders, this allows us to see the length of time they have been opened and their status. The dashboard looks like this:

When we pull up the individual orders we can add notes and change the status to “Completed”:

Once we press “Update” the order has been updated, since we changed the status to filled or “Completed” this will generate an email to the person who opened the order, the order closed email confirmation looks like this:

Your order will be placed in your supply bins and will either be picked up or delivered. Whether it is picked up or delivered is unique to every order. Staff visiting the Admin office should always check for supplies in the bins. This is a perfect opportunity to take them back to the office. We can deliver them, but the delivery stage should be looked at as a team effort. In other words, we do not have the resources of an, so please make sure everyone does they’re part to be proactive and pick up supplies when possible. When Admin staff visit your sites, we always check supply bins first, if we are coming to your site and can bring your supplies, please know we will! Thanks for using this electronic order system. If we’ve left anything out or you would like more details please reach out to your training team and/or Paul and we will be sure to “deliver” any missing information 🙂

Have a great day!